Top 10 Reasons to Choose a Sapphire Ring for Your Engagement

A growing number of Australians are opting for gorgeous sapphires over traditional diamonds when selecting the perfect engagement ring for their soul mates. With such unique beauty, rich symbolism, and compelling value, choosing sapphire for her engagement ring has resurfaced as a fresh, popular way for couples to celebrate their love.

In this article, our specialists at Sapphire Dreams will explore the top 10 reasons why sapphire engagement rings are worth considering and how they can make your proposal truly memorable.

1. Capture Unique Beauty When You Select Sapphire as an Engagement Ring

One of the most compelling reasons to choose sapphires for her engagement ring is their exceptional beauty.

When comparing sapphire vs diamond, you can find sapphires in an array of vibrant colours, including blue, pink, yellow, and even green. Such intense hues allow couples to find a gemstone that perfectly represents their love and personal style, rather than the traditional white diamond resting upon a golden band.

Furthermore, the brilliance and sparkle of the sapphire are truly remarkable. High-quality sapphires exhibit a dazzling play of light, making them even more of an eye-catching and elegant choice for an engagement ring.

2. Sapphire vs Diamond Price: A Closer Look

If you’re considering sapphire vs diamond engagement rings, a common factor of consideration is the price. Sapphires usually offer better value for money than diamonds, but the cost will always vary depending on several factors, including:

Colour: In sapphires, the most valuable colours are rich, deep blue shades, while diamonds are prized for their colourlessness. The more vivid and saturated the colour of a sapphire, the higher its value. Similarly, the less colour a diamond has, the more valuable it is.

Clarity: Both sapphires and diamonds derive more value from their clarity. Inclusions and blemishes can significantly impact a gemstone’s price, with stones with fewer imperfections commanding higher prices.

Cut: A well-cut gemstone maximises its brilliance and sparkle, impacting the overall value. In both sapphires and diamonds, skilled cutting will always increase the price of the stone.

Carat Weight: As with all gemstones, larger sapphires and diamonds tend to carry a higher price tag. However, the price per carat for diamonds increases exponentially with size, whereas the price increase for sapphires is generally more gradual.

Ultimately, the decision to choose a sapphire or diamond engagement ring will depend on your personal preferences, budget, and desired ring style.

3. Durability

Sapphires are not only beautiful but also incredibly durable. Ranking a ’9’ on the Mohs hardness scale, they are second only to diamonds in terms of hardness. 

Although most people treat their engagement rings with the utmost care and attention, accidents can happen. With sapphire as an engagement ring, you will be selecting a stone highly resistant to wear and tear, ensuring it will withstand the test of time and daily use.

4. Sapphire Engagement Ring Meaning & Symbolism

Sapphire engagement rings offer gemstones rich in symbolism. Historically, sapphires have been associated with royalty and nobility, giving them an air of regal elegance. In addition, sapphires are said to represent wisdom and virtue, making them a meaningful choice for a couple beginning their journey together.

As you move to review the different hues available with your sapphire, you will also find different meanings, including:

- Blue: Luxury, truth, sincerity and loyalty

- Pink: Feminine, love, generosity

- Yellow: Vibrance, prosperity, divine grace and power

- Orange: Creativity, sensuality, spirituality

5. Ethical Sourcing

Choosing a sapphire engagement ring may also be more of an ethical decision than other options. Sapphires hold proper regulations compared to diamonds and are more regularly sourced from conflict-free zones and mining practices with a lower environmental impact.

By opting for sapphire as an engagement ring, you can feel good about your choice from both an ethical and environmental standpoint.

6. Versatility in Design

Sapphire engagement rings offer a wealth of design options, from vintage-inspired styles to modern and minimalistic designs. Whether you prefer a classic solitaire setting, a halo design, or a unique custom creation that incorporates a collection of other precious stones, there is a sapphire engagement ring to suit every taste.

7. Celebrities' Choice

Famous sapphire engagement rings have captured the hearts of many, from the iconic blue sapphire ring worn by Princess Diana and now Kate Middleton, to the stunning pink sapphire ring chosen by Penelope Cruz. These celebrity endorsements have helped to solidify the popularity and allure of sapphire engagement rings.

8. Timelessness

Sapphires have a long history and enduring appeal, making them a timeless choice for an engagement ring. Their historical significance, combined with their classic elegance, ensures that a sapphire engagement ring will never go out of style.

9. Personalisation

Selecting a sapphire engagement ring allows for a high degree of personalisation. Couples can choose a meaningful colour that represents their love story, or opt for a custom design that captures their unique personalities. This level of customisation ensures that your sapphire engagement ring will be a cherished and one-of-a-kind symbol of your love.

10. Rarity and Exclusivity

High-quality sapphires are relatively rare, making them an exclusive choice for an engagement ring. Opting for a sapphire engagement ring sets you apart from the crowd and highlights your unique love story.

In a world where diamond engagement rings are commonplace, a sapphire ring is a distinctive and memorable choice.

Discover the Perfect Sapphire Engagement Ring in Australia with Sapphire Dreams

From their unique beauty and rich symbolism to their affordability and ethical sourcing, sapphires offer a meaningful and memorable alternative to traditional diamond engagement rings. Browse through our selection of Australian Sapphire Rings available at Sapphire Dreams, or speak with us today for more information on finding the right choice for you and your partner.

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