The Spiritual Meaning and Powers of Blue Sapphires 

With their celestial beauty, blue sapphire gemstones are a popular choice for jewellery that helps shape your self and journey through life. Dating back to ancient times, blue sapphires have always been associated with spiritual enlightenment and protective instincts. Blue sapphires are deeply rooted in cultural beliefs and can promote a range of powers within yourself and your life and offer guidance towards your daily life and challenges. 

Healing Properties 

Blue sapphire gemstones hold a range of powers and possibilities within themselves. The most common power that a blue sapphire can hold is its ability to treat physical ailments, sourced from angelic connections that are channelled through powers from higher domains. Whether you suffer from fever, headaches, or more, you'll free physical relief from your ailments by wearing blue sapphire jewellery. 

When looking towards the emotional healing properties, blue sapphires can help unravel inner entanglements within your soul and aura. Reducing psychological influences and promoting physic healing is often the central dynamic healing projection that a blue sapphire can envision. Displaying a positive and calming effect on those suffering from depression and mood imbalances. 

Blue Sapphire Meaning and Power

Blue sapphires have a solid connection to romance, which is why they are often the first choice for engagement rings. Australian blue sapphires will help you balance your emotions and bring a sense of calm to your mind. If you want to increase your inner strength and improve your sense of self-confidence, a blue sapphire gemstone will help evoke self-exploration. These blue gems will also help your main work in a single focus to enhance your mind's sense of clarity and understanding. 

With a connection to the throat chakra, blue sapphires can help enhance your sense of self-expression. Your throat chakra is the core of your body's voice and is the gatekeeper that allows other chakras to flow and keep you feeling light inside freely. If this chakra is blocked, so will all the others, and you'll struggle to maintain a pure and light thought process. If your throat chakra feels blocked, a blue sapphire gemstone can help to stimulate the free expression of your emotions and thoughts, powering truth and balance within yourself. 

On the other hand, royal blue sapphires are connected to the third eye chakra and will heighten your sense of awareness towards your own responsibility for inner thoughts and feelings. These gemstones will also enhance your integrity and wisdom, connecting to self-cultivation and knowledge. If you feel constricted within your mind and feel no connection to creative outlets like visions and dreams, a royal blue sapphire can help to activate your third eye chakra. This chakra serves as your soul and physical body's centre of awareness and perception. It will direct the control of your inner feelings and consciousness. 

Benefits of Wearing an Australian Blue Sapphire Stone 

By wearing blue sapphire jewellery, individuals can ward off negative thoughts and influences to move towards a pure mindset and life. Much like the art of Feng Shui, when you place your blue sapphire jewellery in a specific location, through rings and necklaces, you can see a direct connection between your physical body and spiritual self. 

By wearing a blue sapphire cross pendant or blue sapphire engagement ring, you can directly connect your chakras to the energy created by your blue sapphire. As blue sapphires have a primary connection to the throat chakra, wearing a necklace will help open your chakra from any blockages to express your thoughts and intentions clearly. Blue sapphire can also be worn to protect your mind and body from evil and harm. Because of this, some people choose to wear blue sapphire ringsbracelets or earrings as an amulet of protection. 

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