Exploring the Vibrant Colour Range of Australian Sapphires

Australian Sapphires are an undeniably enchanting gemstone, offering a vast and exciting range of sapphire colours to captivate lucky recipients and collectors alike. But what is it that makes these gemstones stand out from the rest? And how can the dazzling array of sapphire colours help you choose the perfect piece of jewellery for yourself or a loved one?

In this article, our Sapphire Dreams specialists will delve into the colourful world of Australian Sapphires, exploring how each of their unique hues impacts their significance, durability, and, of course, value. With this comprehensive sapphire colour chart, you'll be well-equipped to find the ideal gemstone to suit your taste.

Blue Sapphires: A Royal Hue

While there are a variety of colours to choose from, when thinking of sapphire colours, the first hue that comes to mind is likely a deep blue. This association is no accident, as blue sapphires have long been linked to royalty and holiness, adorned by religious figures, monarchs, and celebrities alike for centuries – perhaps one of the most famous being Princess Diana’s glittering and unforgettable engagement ring back in the early 1980s.

So, what is it about these blue sapphires that make them so desirable? The answer lies in their colour intensity. The rich, smooth, majestic blue found in an Australian Sapphire is in high demand, often fetching premium prices per carat. These vivid blue jewels serve as eye-catching focal points for engagement rings, earrings, and pendant necklaces, complementing the wearer's skin tone while exuding an air of noble sophistication.

With the right setting, this gemstone can conjure images of deep blue, flowing rivers, with its cut and clarity amplifying the brilliance and shimmer in any light. Apart from its entrancing allure, blue sapphire is also thought to draw prosperity, favour, and good fortune – making it the perfect selection for an engagement ring or meaningful present. Explore our range of Loose Blue Sapphires.

Pink Sapphires: Delicate and Feminine

For those seeking a softer, more feminine hue, pink sapphires provide a refined and romantic option on the sapphire colour chart. With shades ranging from a delicate, baby pink to a more vibrant magenta, there's a pink sapphire for every preference.

This charming jewel embodies the joyous spirit of a springtime proposal, with its tender pink tones pairing seamlessly with rose gold for an elegant and charming appearance. In addition to their visual appeal, pink sapphires also possess symbolic significance. Serving as beautiful embodiments of affection, honesty, and feminine strength, these gemstones make considerate and heartfelt presents for your loved ones.

Green Sapphires: A Symphony of Shades

Australia is also known to produce a significant amount of Parti Sapphires. These stones are unique as they contain two or more colours in a single stone. Sometimes referred to as ‘bi-colour’ or colour banding, Parti stones are unique as each is one-of-a-kind. Most commonly, these stones are made up of green and blue, with different combinations showing more in different lighting.

Additionally, ‘wattle’ sapphires are common in Australia, where one stone displays both yellow and green, creating a wattle like colour in certain lighting. Shop our Loose Australian parti sapphires and jewellery.

Parti Sapphires: Unique and mesmerising

Parti sapphires are a treasure of Australia, featuring a striking, unique combination of colours. A Parti sapphire features two or more colours within one stone, beautifully reflecting in different lighting. These stones are found primarily in Australia and are increasing in popularity due to each stone being one-of-a-kind, something many desire, especially when crafting sentimental pieces of jewellery. The most common colouring for these stones is yellow and green or a combination of blue, green and flecks of yellow. Parti sapphire engagement rings are a bold and stunning, sure to make a statement.

Yellow Sapphires: Liquid Sunlight

The mesmerising golden shades of vibrant yellow sapphires are unrivalled among comparable gemstones. With exceptional light reflection, these lively jewels look especially magnificent when set amongst yellow gold.

Yellow sapphires are also available in a variety of tones, from those with greenish accents to others that are nearly orange. The most sought-after hue, however, is the brilliant canary yellow. This remarkable piece of jewellery reflects a sun-drenched radiance and a sense of relaxed charm.

Evaluating a yellow sapphire's value largely depends on its clarity, as these gemstones typically exhibit fewer inclusions than different sapphire colours. As such, expertly cut yellow sapphires tend to be much more affordable than blue or other coloured sapphires, making them another distinctive, budget-friendly option.

In certain cultures across India, yellow sapphires are believed to symbolise divine favour, wisdom, prosperous wealth, and affectionate relationships – rendering them a truly considerate present.

Orange Sapphires: Radiant and Rare

If you have already tried scouring the market, you will have likely found out that it is extremely difficult to locate a natural, untreated orange sapphire. There continues to be an incredible demand for these dazzling centrepiece gemstones, with most orange sapphires possessing a secondary hue of yellow, yielding a delightful assortment of apricot and peach tints. Orange gemstones, which represent joy, inventiveness, and invigoration, are thought to ignite powerful passion and warmth.

Black Sapphires: Powerful and Protective

Here is a unique option that appeals to a very discerning brand of collectors and recipients. Black sapphire is an almost opaque gem, with a colour profile so deep and dark that it is capable of absorbing practically all incoming light.

If you are after a multi-edged rock with an intense shine, this won’t offer many results. Instead, owners will find a plunging, dark appearance with these gemstones, which, depending on the intensity of the shade, can appear as extremely dark blue or grey. The features can be further accentuated in the right setting, especially with lighter, complementing stones.

Gaining popularity as an alternative to Onyx, black sapphires boast superior durability, achieving a 9 out of 10 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness. Symbolising fortitude and authority, black sapphires are also thought to attract good luck and prosperity.

White Sapphires: Timeless and Classic

White sapphires are increasingly becoming a popular choice as a substitute for diamonds, particularly with engagement rings. These relatively obscure gemstones present a distinctive and classic appearance, with their worth again based primarily on clarity, but also with strong consideration for their brilliance and exceptional shine. For example, a transparent white sapphire with few inclusions is highly sought-after.

Regarded as spiritual stones, white sapphires are believed to bestow intuition, clear thinking, and self-control upon the wearer.

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