A Journey Through Time with Sapphire Dreams

Australian sapphires are a beautiful, rare gemstone that have been used throughout history to adorn the most luxurious and expensive pieces of jewellery.

Sapphires are mined in Australia, but they are not unique to the continent. Sapphires can actually be found all over the world, and most have been mined for thousands of years. However, Australian sapphires were particularly prized due to their exceptional beauty and quality.

We take a look at the origins of sapphires, and how sapphire jewellery came to be known as some of the most highly sought after pieces in Australia.

Sapphire Jewellery: The Origin

The history of Australian sapphires goes back centuries, as far as 1670 when early explorers brought home samples from their expeditions. These first pieces were mostly blue or green in colour, and they became known as "blue stones" or "green stones" due to their striking appearance against skin tones.

Over time, Australians began mining their own deposits of sapphire ore in search of more valuable gems with more vibrant hues (such as pink or red). These new types of sapphire were seen as extremely desirable because they were rarer than blue sapphires or green sapphires—and therefore harder for miners to find.

The Rise of Sapphire Jewellery in Australia

In the 1920s, deposits were discovered on Mount Yarrara in Western Australia, prompting a mining boom for sapphires across the country. By the 1930s, over 100 mines were operating throughout the Northern Territory, with many of Australia’s largest and most well-known mines opening over the decade that followed: Orange Sapphire Mine (1930), Cullinan Diamond Mine (1933) and Star of Africa Mine (1941).

The majority of Australian sapphires today come from Queensland, where miners have been digging up the gems for over 200 years. Sapphires can still be found in Western Australia, and also in News South Wales and Victoria.

What Makes Australian Sapphire Jewellery So Special?

Australian sapphire jewellery is a must-have for any modern wardrobe. But what makes it so special?

First, it's the quality. The great thing about Australian sapphire jewellery is that it is made from high-quality Australian sapphires, which means that you can rest assured that your jewellery will last for years to come.

Second, it's the colour. Many people don't realise that Australian sapphires come in all sorts of different colours, including blue, teal, green and pink. Beyond this, Australia is known to produce many ‘Parti’ Sapphires, when one single stone contains two or more colours. Parti Sapphires have unique colour banding, meaning that no two stones are alike. With each stone being one of a kind, rest assured that it is exceptionally special and sentimental, hence popularity as a gift or engagement ring centre stone. No matter which colour sapphire you choose, you can be confident that your piece will be unique and beautiful.

And thirdly, it's the price. You might think that because these pieces are made from such high-quality materials they'd cost an arm and a leg — but they don't. You can find some amazing deals on Australian sapphire jewellery if you know where to look and what to look for.

If you’re looking for an alternative to the traditional diamond engagement ring, or just want to add something new to your collection of fine jewellery, Australian sapphires are a great place to start. Not only are they distinctive, but their range of colours and hues cannot  be found in any other gemstone, including diamonds.When you buy Australian sapphire jewellery, you can be confident that you’re getting a piece that’s truly unique.

Buy Sapphire Jewellery in Australia

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