How to Choose the Best Sapphire Ring for Her

The engagement ring you pick out for your fiancé should represent the connection between you and your lover. While many people gravitate toward a classic diamond, Australian blue sapphires are a unique and sentimental option that will represent the hope and faith you have in your partner and relationship. 

Picking an engagement ring is an important step in your marriage journey. There's a lot that goes into picking out the perfect ring. You not only need to look at the quality and appearance of your prospective blue sapphire stone but ensure that the ring you choose will make an unforgettable impression on your partner. 

Judging a Blue Sapphire

Once you've browsed the blue sapphire engagement rings out there, it's crucial to determine which type of stone you're specifically after. Each blue sapphire stone is unique and unreplicable, meaning you'll want to focus on the four C's; colour, clarity, cut, and carat to judge its overall quality. 

Sapphires come in a range of colours, which means you need to do more than judge the tone of your prospective Australian blue sapphire. The colour of a sapphire is the driving factor that draws others in and keeps us captivated. When you find a gemstone that has the proper balance between hue, tone and saturation, you'll know that you've found one of high quality. 

Hue refers to the colours seen within your blue sapphire stone. A gemstone with a pure primary colour with only a slight secondary tint will be more valuable than one with a more noticeable hue combination. The most common hues in blue sapphires are purplish-blue or greenish-blue. 

When judging the tone and saturation of Australian blue sapphire, you'll look at the depth of colour within your stone. Usually, you'd be recommended to stay within a medium to dark tonal range, as lighter tones can become watered down in appearance. Saturation is the presence of grey and brown hues in your gem. A blue sapphire that is described as vivid or strong in colour saturation will show brown or grey undertones minimally and will be more desirable than others with higher saturation levels. 

Carat Weight & Size

While all colour considerations will affect the value of your blue sapphire stone, its weight and density will become the main factor in its price evaluation. The density of gemstones doesn't directly correlate to the carat of a stone. For example, a one-carat blue sapphire stone will be slightly smaller than a one-carat diamond. While weight is the determining factor for the price, size is a more straightforward measurement to use in picking out your gemstone and will give you a general ballpark when it comes to value. 

Shape & Cut

Some would say that the shape or cut of your blue sapphire engagement ring is just as important or more than its colour. You can almost think of the shape and cut of your stone-like its silhouette, which will become a defining factor in its overall appearance. With more common shapes, including oval, round, cushion and emerald, they aren't your only choices. While the cut is essential in the grading of gemstones, for sapphires, this is usually left up to the independent jewellers. 

Enhanced or Untreated?

Blue sapphire engagement rings are usually treated to create a more enhanced and captivating look. These gems will be labelled as 'heat treated' or 'lab treated'. When treating a sapphire, the gemstone will be exposed to high temperatures and pressure levels to change the tint colour. While this isn't done to all blue sapphire stones, if a natural stone has beautiful clarity and colour, it'll usually sell for a skyrocketed price. 

For any additional help or guidance needed throughout the selection process of your blue sapphire engagement ring, please get in touch with our team.

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