Australian Green Sapphires

Green sapphires are beautiful and vibrant, available in a myriad of shades ranging from deep, dark greens to bright, lime green. Australian green sapphire stones are a wonderful choice for engagement rings, with a hardness second to diamonds, they are durable and long lasting. Sapphires are typically known for being Blue, however Green Sapphires are becoming a more popular choice over emeralds, one of the most well known green stones. 

Australian Green Sapphire Rings

Australian sapphire rings are growing in popularity, with the coloured gemstone trend ranging from day to day pieces to glamorous, classic engagement rings. Green sapphire rings are not only beautiful and sparkling, but also hold significant spiritual powers. With calming and grounding qualities, green sapphires are an addition to more than just your jewellery collection. Said to bring good fortune and strengthen relationships, these stones are the perfect sentimental stone to signify an engagement or romantic unity. 

Sapphire Dreams is home to green sapphire engagement rings, green sapphire wedding bands and an extensive range of diamond and sapphire earrings and pendants.

Loose Green Sapphires

Bespoke jewellery is another increasingly popular choice for gifts, engagement rings and wedding bands. The range of loose green sapphires at Sapphire Dreams is the perfect place to start this journey. Green sapphires at Sapphire Dreams are sustainably sourced, with each mine restored, ensuring the environment remains intact.
Natural green sapphires are rare and valuable, with Sapphire Dreams stocking a special selection. Green parti sapphires are a luxurious choice for a bespoke piece of jewellery, displaying varying colours in different lighting, often with distinct colour banding such as yellow and green or blue and green. 

Blue Green sapphires 

Blue Green Sapphires are a wonderful alternative to the most well known blue sapphires. With a delicate blend of blue and green, they reflect beautifully in different lighting and pair wonderfully with a variety of metal colours. Yellow Gold sapphire rings truly enhance the cool tone of Australian Sapphires, with the yellow tone also allowing blue and green to shine through with movement. 

Green Parti Sapphires

Parti Sapphires are one of the most unique gemstones on the market. Their display of multiple colours in one stone make each one-of-a-kind. Green parti sapphires often reflect blue, teal or yellow, with even more rare pieces displaying orange hues.