The History & Meaning of Sapphire Engagement Rings

Every stone tells a story. It’s just that the sapphire’s story is one of mystique, magic and royalty. When you choose a unique sapphire engagement ring, that piece of jewellery could represent a lot more than what meets the eye.

Take a trip through the myths and meanings of sapphire rings through the ages.

The World of Sapphires

“Sapphires and pearls.” - Elvis Presley

Quick fact: Did you know sapphires come in a rainbow of colours? Many of our customers associate sapphires with a royal blue shade. In fact, apart from red, the gemstones can be found in any colour.

What does a sapphire engagement ring symbolise?

The sapphire has a long and fascinating history. Throughout its life, this beautiful gemstone has been worn to symbolise all sorts of different things. From kings to witches, it seems everyone has interpreted the meaning of the sapphire in their own unique way.

For centuries, sapphires have been linked with romance and royalty. Throughout that time, they’ve also been said to symbolise elegance, nobility, truth, wealth and wisdom.


Sparkling with mystical associations, celestial blue sapphires have always been linked with the planet Venus. In certain Zodiac systems, it covers Taurus and Gemini, and September babies already know the sapphire is their stone.


The Ancient Greeks associated sapphires with the god Apollo, who was said to have healing powers.


Since the 2nd century AD, sapphires have been worn by kings who believed the gemstone would protect them from harm.


Shortly after, they were popular with witches, because of sapphire’s supposed “magical ability to tap into the third eye”.


More recently, it maintains its links with the British Royal family, featuring in the Crown Jewels and worn on the hands of Princess Diana and Kate Middleton.


During the Middle Ages, the sapphire was thought to attract heavenly blessings.

A sapphire is a tale as old as time, and today, it’s truly timeless.

Sapphire Word Associations

Legend has it...

“If on your hand this stone you bind, 

You in Taurus born will find 

'Twill cure diseases of the mind. 

The Sapphire."

Superstitious or not, the myths about sapphire through the centuries are fascinating. When you’re browsing sapphire ring designs, imagine the power you could wear on your finger, if these legends are anything to go by.

     - Sapphires attract wealth

     - Sapphires protect from envy and infidelity

     - Sapphires are an antidote to poison

     - Sapphires boost the wearer’s strength & health

     - Sapphires help to make peace between enemies

     - Sapphires influence spirits

     - Sapphires inspire intelligence 

     - Sapphires improve eyesight

     - Sapphires are an anti-depressant 

Unique Sapphire Engagement Rings

“Indigo, the deep blue contains an abundance of sapphires shining their light through the density, awakening and stirring our consciousness.” - Jennifer Lynch, Author 

The perfect alternative to a diamond ring. Sapphires are suitable for everyday wear due to their hardness, and more Australians are choosing to speak to tradition and their own style all at once with sapphire ring designs.

At Sapphire Dreams, we sell a variety of in-demand designs, and our industry connections mean we’re able to keep sapphire engagement ring costs down. 

Daenerys Ring

A solitaire ring that puts your sapphire centre-stage. The Daenerys Ring features a single emerald-cut Blue Teal Australian sapphire in a channel setting. Modern, stylish and mesmerising.

Diana Ring

A statement you don’t see every day. The Diana is a show-stopping trilogy design. A pear-shaped Australian sapphire is surrounded by natural round-cut white diamonds, in a magnificent halo setting.

Lady Alison Ring

Ever elegant, the Lady Alison showcases a cushion-cut yellow Australian sapphire in the centre of two white diamonds. Set on a diamond-paved 18ct white gold band.

It’s time to introduce one of our 

favourite sapphire ring designs: 

Meet Toi Et Moi

The Toi Et Moi collection is special. These fashionable designs have become iconic in our eyes. The pairing between different cuts and colours signifies your own one-of-a-kind union, for the ultimate sentimental gift.

Trust us: They look stunning in person.

Celebrities & their unique sapphire rings

“A kiss on the hand may feel very good, but a diamond and sapphire bracelet lasts forever.”   - Anita Loos, Actress & Novelist 

From Hollywood to royalty, unique sapphire engagement rings make a glamorous statement. Some undoubted favourites belong to Victoria Beckham, Empress Josephine, Liz Hurley, Mary-Kate Olsen and Kate Middleton.

The late Princess Diana was famously gifted a sapphire engagement ring by King Charles III. Now worn by Diana’s daughter-in-law, Kate Middleton, this particular ring is said to symbolise a connection between history and the modern-day monarchy.

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How much does a sapphire engagement ring cost?

“The sapphire shall be as blue as the great sea.” - Oscar Wilde

We’re often asked whether sapphires are a good investment. The beauty of sapphires is they can last a lifetime. Ranking 9 out of 10 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, the only natural material that can scratch a sapphire is a diamond.

As a general guide, the more vivid the colour, the higher the cost of a sapphire engagement ring. Of course, a stone’s carat, clarity and source all come into play, too.

At Sapphire Dreams, we bring sapphires directly from mine to market. We’re able to buy rough diamonds from local Australian mines and polish them ourselves. By cutting out the middleman in each step, we can pass along great savings to our customers while providing them with a sapphire with Australian provenance.

What to look for when buying a sapphire engagement ring

Ultimately, the sapphire is a popular choice for those looking for something other than a white diamond ring. When clients visit us, we guide them to their perfect piece, asking a few key questions along the way.

1. What colour sapphire are you drawn to?

A customer’s first choice tends to be blue, but remember to explore orange, green, yellow, violet and pink sapphires, too.

2. What shape do you want your sapphire engagement ring to be?

A round-cut stone may be traditional for engagement rings, but some popular shapes at the moment include oval, pear, cushion, marquise and heart-shaped stones.

3. How many carats would you like to wear?

This usually comes down to your budget. Keep in mind that carat describes weight rather than size, and we always cut stones to maximise beauty rather than carat weight. 

4. What’s your lifestyle like?

Those with an active lifestyle might want to avoid sapphire rings where the stone sits high above the band, as it could catch on clothes and furniture.

5. Do you prefer a traditional or modern aesthetic?

Classic engagement rings are having their moment in the spotlight once again, with yellow gold, cushion-cut stones and intricate settings re-surging in popularity. Contemporary styles include the use of multiple diamonds, such as three-stone, pavé and halo settings.

Explore unique sapphire engagement rings at Sapphire Dreams

From Sydney to Shenton Park, Australians are falling in love with sapphire engagement rings. And, when they’re sourced and polished locally, that’s just a bonus.

Explore sapphire ring designs online at Sapphire Dreams or ask about our bespoke jewellery creation service by calling +61 1800 228 668.

Traditional engagement rings are easily imagined – beautifully sparkling, clear diamonds set in a simple cradle upon a golden band. Wonderful expressions of love, but after so many years, a little commonplace.

In recent decades, engagement rings have become more unique in aesthetics and designs. From being mere tokens of betrothal, they have evolved into statements of personality, style, and individual love stories. The modern couple doesn't just want a ring; they want a narrative, a piece that speaks of their unique journey together.

Why Personalise & Choose Unique Rings for Your Wedding

Choosing an engagement ring is a deeply personal experience. The ring should not only encapsulate the essence of the relationship but also remain a timeless piece. In this pursuit of perfection, many couples find themselves asking, "How much should I spend on an engagement ring in Australia?" While budget is undeniably a concern, the true value of a ring lies in its individuality.

Amidst this backdrop, sapphires have begun to shine brightly. Their rich hues and storied past offer couples an alternative that's not only beautiful but also steeped in history and symbolism.

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