A Guide to Measuring Your Ring Size

From engagement rings, to anniversary gifts, to long-term investments, sapphire rings have long held an unparalleled charm built with light and elegance. With that said, if you or a lucky someone are going to be regularly wearing their ring, it is imperative that an appropriate fit of the ring has been determined well before purchase.

If you haven’t been through this process before, it may feel a little overwhelming. Fortunately, our specialists at Sapphire Dreams have put together some tips on how to measure your ring size at home, ensuring you can enjoy the perfect balance of style and precision.

Why Measure Your Ring Size at Home?

No longer confined to the glass cases of high-end boutiques, sapphires are an accessible, stunning choice for rings that offer a range of dazzling hues and cuts.

Measuring your ring size at home isn't merely a practical consideration; it's an empowered choice that aligns with modern sensibilities and creative wisdom. Here's why learning how to measure ring size at home can be a brilliant decision:

• Convenience in Your Comfort Zone: Measure your ring size using simple tools available at home, such as a tape measure or string, without the need to leave your doorstep.

• Time-Saving: Instead of visiting a jeweller simply for a measurement, you can save precious time that can be used to select the perfect sapphire, turning the mundane into an indulgent, personal experience.

• Safety and Privacy: Enjoy an unintrusive experience honouring your privacy, allowing for a secure and intimate connection with your ring size process.

What Tools and Methods Do You Need to Measure Your Ring Size?

How to Measure your Ring Size With an Existing Ring

As one of the easier methods of how to measure ring size at home, if you have an existing ring that fits comfortably, you can use its dimensions to find the perfect sapphire fit. By simply aligning your favourite ring that does not slip past the knuckle, or cut off the circulation, with a ruler and noting its inner diameter, you have a fast, no-fuss solution to finding your perfect size.

How to Measure Your Ring Size Using a Tape Measure

Take a flexible tape measure around the inner circumference of either a fitting ring, or wrap it around your finger and let the numbers guide you to your perfect size. 

How to Measure Your Ring Size String and Ruler

If you haven’t got the perfect ring or a tape measure on hand, you can make it work with a small piece of string and a ruler. Wrap the string around your finger, mark the spot with a pen, and then lay it out flat. Measure the distance to the spot you market with a ruler, and voila – you have your ring size! 

How to Select the Right Sapphire for Your Ring Size

1. Understand Carat vs Size: Recognise that the carat, which is the weight of the sapphire, might not represent the actual size. Unique cuts and varying pavilion (belly) heights can change appearances.

2. Measure in Millimetres (mm): For a true representation of size, always measure the sapphire in millimetres rather than relying on carat weight alone.

3. Compare with Diamonds: Keep in mind that sapphires have a higher specific gravity, meaning they weigh more than diamonds. For example, a sapphire that is approximately 1.40-carat sapphire might look similar to a 1.00-carat diamond.

4. Consider Cut Proportions: Note that measurements are generally based on ideal cut proportions, and there may be variations in the height and shape of the pavilion, which means that the carat weight and dimensions can vary.

5. Personalise Your Selection: Embrace the unique qualities of each sapphire, selecting one that resonates with your personal aesthetic and desired ring size.

Professional Assistance to Measure Ring Size

Sometimes, measuring and selecting the right sapphire requires an artist's touch. Trained jewellers can turn the mundane into magic, infusing the simple act of measuring your ring size with a touch of luxury. Their expert hands, combined with years of experience, create a personalised experience, all in pursuit of finding or crafting the perfect sapphire ring.

Importance of Getting Your Sapphire Ring Size Right

The allure of a sapphire ring is a conversation between elegance and comfort, where precision plays a poetic role. Getting your sapphire ring size right is a dance that defies mere aesthetics. It's about:

Comfort and Security

A ring too loose risks slipping away, like a forgotten melody. A ring too tight clings like an untamed symphony. Finding the precise fit ensures comfort that whispers the right tune all day long.

Showcasing the Gem's Beauty

Sapphires speak in a language of light, shadows, and reflections. The right ring size positions the gem in perfect harmony with your finger, allowing the sapphire to sing its radiant song uninterrupted.

Enhancing the Overall Experience

Sapphires speak in a language of light, shadows, and reflections. The right ring size positions the gem in perfect harmony with your finger, allowing the sapphire to sing its radiant song uninterrupted.

Preserving the Integrity of the Ring

Incorrect sizing may lead to unnecessary resizing, which can affect the ring's structure, possibly weakening its bond with the sapphire. Ensuring the right size protects both the ring's elegance and its enduring embrace of the gemstone.

Emotional Resonance

Your sapphire ring isn't merely a piece of jewellery; it's a reflection of who you are. A perfect fit resonates with your personality and emotions, aligning with your identity in a way that's beyond mere appearance.

Find the Right Choice for You with Sapphire Dreams

Dive deeper into the world of sapphires with Sapphire Dreams Australia. Whether you're beginning your sapphire journey or adding to a cherished collection, our experts are here to guide you. Book an appointment, and let's turn numbers into narratives, and measurements into memories. Your sapphire ring awaits.

While at-home care will maintain the radiant glow of your diamond ring, professional check-ups play an irreplaceable role in the comprehensive care of your precious piece. Jewellers possess expert skills and tools that go beyond what we can accomplish at home, offering:

      • Deep Cleaning: Professional jewellers can access high-grade cleaning products and ultrasonic machines, which use high-frequency sound waves to remove dirt and grime embedded in areas hard to reach with a brush.

      • Examination for Wear and Tear: Regular wear can loosen the stone's setting, scratch the band, or create wear and tear invisible to the untrained eye. Professional jewellers can spot these issues early, preventing potential loss or significant damage.

      • Ring Resizing and Repair: Over time, it's not uncommon for your ring size to change or for your ring to sustain minor damage. Jewellers can help with ring resizing and repairs, ensuring your ring fits perfectly and is in good shape.

Plan for professional cleanings every six months or at least once a year, but if your ring is exposed to harsh conditions or you notice any issues, don't hesitate to visit your jeweller sooner.


If you would like more information on the best way to clean your diamond rings at home, please speak with our team today.


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